gravimetric separator

Collecting Heavier Compounds with the Gravimetric Separator

The gravimetric separator is the first separator (S1). It applies the gravimetric effect to separate the extract in fractions. This separator is heated at a set-point temperature.

adaptive automation

Hightech Extractors Employ Adaptive Automation

Automation is a generic term, and all systems can be described as “automatic” in some way. We believe automation is more than just simple control over pressure, flow and temperature settings. Our Adaptive Automation process is a new hardware/software system that is able to change the extraction cycle in real time as requested by the operator.

coriolis flow meter

Measuring CO2 with the Coriolis Flow Meter

The Coriolis flow meter is basically a mass flow meter. It gives you exactly the mass of CO2 is delivered by the membrane pump and is essential for proper feedback and control over the CO2 flow in the circuit.

CO2 equilibrium

Controlling CO2 Gas/Liquid Equilibrium

CO2 isn’t a liquid at normal room temperature and pressure. It is a gas. When temperature and pressure are increased over the critical point, we have supercritical fluid. The CO2 is at the same time a liquid and a gas at every point along the Equilibrium Curve.


The Importance of Cleaning Your System

The cleaning procedure is an important practice: it has the same importance as the extraction process. Any extraction system needs to be cleaned periodically: this period depends on many factors, including the type, quality and pre-treatment of raw materials, use of a co-solvent, and the number of extractions between cleanings.