membrane pump

Why We Use Membrane Pumps

Our extractors don’t use piston pumps or compressors, we use membrane or diaphragm metering pumps only. Although the cost is higher compared to a simple gas booster or piston pump, the advantages are considerable. In fact, diaphragm metering pumps are not affected by supercritical fluid because process fluids are completely separated from the mechanical part of the pump.

triple extractor

Triple Extractors for Semi-Continuous Serial Extraction

While in the simple semi continuous extraction the system is equipped with two extraction vessels, for semi-continuous serial extraction the system is equipped with three extraction vessels. Taking advantage of the typical flowers and leaves extraction kinetic, the intelligent automation of the system will apply a different extraction strategy.


Rapid Opening/Closing in Less Than a Second!

Quick Closing System Quick opening cover design needs only one-eighth of a turn rotation for sealing. Ideal for high-pressure operations requiring repetitive opening/closing. The “Clover Leaf” closure reactors provide maximum ease for quick opening or closing of the cover. The cover is simply inserted into the body and then rotated one-eighth of a turn. A […]

gravimetric separator

Collecting Heavier Compounds with the Gravimetric Separator

The gravimetric separator is the first separator (S1). It applies the gravimetric effect to separate the extract in fractions. This separator is heated at a set-point temperature.

adaptive automation

Hightech Extractors Employ Adaptive Automation

Automation is a generic term, and all systems can be described as “automatic” in some way. We believe automation is more than just simple control over pressure, flow and temperature settings. Our Adaptive Automation process is a new hardware/software system that is able to change the extraction cycle in real time as requested by the operator.