VIDEO: Dual P-7 SCFN Extractor – Supercritical CO2 Process & Extraction

Video of the Dual P-7 SCFN Extractor at HIGHTECH Labs in Biddeford, Maine

robotic lid removal

Robotic Lid Removal

Operator safety is a paramount concern! Lids can be very heavy and difficult to manage. In keeping with firm EU safety standards, Hightech Extracts equips all extractor vessels over 100 Liters with robotic lid handling included.

pump flow

Our Pumps are Sized for Optimal Performance

Pump Flow: The perfect sizing was done after the analysis of a million dozed processes data tag and efficiency evaluation. You can see the result of our efforts in this surface plot. In our systems we found the best combination between Process Pressure, CO2 Flow / Extractor Volume ratio and Efficiency of the process.