Rapid Opening/Closing in Less Than a Second!

Quick Closing System


Quick opening cover design needs only one-eighth of a turn rotation for sealing. Ideal for high-pressure operations requiring repetitive opening/closing. The “Clover Leaf” closure reactors provide maximum ease for quick opening or closing of the cover. The cover is simply inserted into the body and then rotated one-eighth of a turn. A safety locking pin is provided to insure that the cover is properly positioned and locked.


One of the most difficult aspects is attaining a continuous feed of the solids and continuous discharge at high-pressure extraction vessels. Generally, the solid feed material is handled by using preloaded canisters. A quick opening closure that allows for rapid opening and closing is essential. Bolt closure is not safe and it takes a lot of time to open. On the other hand, cloverleaf cover opens in one second.


From the point of view of safety, the cloverleaf cover offers three safety systems operating at the same time:

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