Hightech’s Triple Extractor Configuration Provides Maximum Flexibility & Maximizes Throughput

The triple extractor configuration is the most flexible configuration in an SCF system. The machine’s flexibility is enhanced by our automation-by-recipe process.


It can be configured automatically as:

1. Semi-Continuous: 
System runs one vessel after another automatically but pauses between extraction until operator presses “continue”.

2. Serial Triple:
System runs one vessel at a time automatically then stops when all three vessels are completed.

3. Multistep Serial Triple:

3. Multistep Serial Triple with S0 Option:

4. Continuous Overlapping Extraction:

The Double S0/S1 Option offers the possibility to collect some fraction in S0 and a different fraction in S1, S2 and S3 in sequence with S0/S1. S0 is typically gravimetric. S1, S2, 3S are cyclonic.


The system can be configured automatically as:


1. S0 to S1 to S3, to collect in S0 terpenes.


2. S1 to S2 to S3, to collect in S1 cannabinoids.


3. S0 to S1 to S2 to S3 to have heavier fraction fractionate in S0 and S1.


These features are used with multi-step program recipes.

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