“Essential Oil Manufacturing” by our very own Paul Gelardi:

Extraction Industry Patents

Apeks Supercritical Patents:

Vitalis Extraction Technology “Superfluid Extraction Apparatus”:

Phasex Patents:

Paradigm Supercritical Innovations Extraction Apparatuses:

MedXtractor Corp “Extraction Process Using Supercritical CO2”:

Supercritical Fluid Technologies “Systems and Methods for Supercritical Fluid Chromatography”:

Delta Separations Patents:

CO2 Innovation Ltd. “Portable Supercritical Fluid Extraction Apparatus”:

CF Technologies Patents:

Waste Heat Recovery

“Supercritical CO2 Power Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery”:

“Clean Energy Hrs Waste Heat Recovery Systems”:

“Waste Heat Recovery System”:

Waste Heat Patents:

“Boiler Waste Heat Recovery Process”:

“Waste Heat Recovery Apparatus”:

“Vehicle Exhaust Heat Recovery System”:

“Flue Gas Scrubbing and Waste Heat Recovery System”:

“Waste Heat Recovery Apparatus”:

Waste Heat Recovery Patents List:

“Waste Heat Recovery Device of Internal Combustion Engine”:

“Waste Water Heat Recovery Apparatus”:

“Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation Plant”:

“Heat Recovery in Distillation Process”:


Aspen Aerogels patents:

“Aerogel composite with fibrous batting”:

“Method of manufacturing of aerogel composites”:

“Inherently secured aerogel composites”:

“Carbon aerogel-based cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries”:

Aerogel Technologies patents:

Patents assigned to Aerogel Technologies:

“Method of producing aerogels” (First aerogels patents, invented by Samuel Kistler in 1931):

“Process for the preparation of uniform sized phosphor aerogel”:

NanoPore Inc. patents:

“Recent patents on aerogels”:

“High temperature flexible aerogel composite and method of making same”:,590,000

“Durable polymer-aerogel based superhydrophobic coatings”:

“Aerogel containing composite materials”:

“Method and device for fabricating aerogels and aerogel monoliths obtained thereby”:

“Cosmetic composition comprising silica aerogel particles and an emulsifying silicone elastomer”:

Maerogel patents:

“Use of aerogels as a filler material”:


Cannacraft “Systems and Methods for Cannabis Extraction”:

Green Sky Labs “Methods For Extracting Target Compounds From Cannabis”:

“Cannabis pharmaceutical composition and method of manufacturing”:

“Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”:

“Cannabinoid extraction method”:

Nextleaf “cannabinoid extraction process and system”:

“Cannabis extracts and methods of preparing”:

“Cold extraction method for cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis by organic solvents”:

Cannabis extraction patents:

Canopy Growth Corp “Process for producing an extract containing tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol from cannabis plant material, and cannabis extracts”:

“Use of a combination of delta-9-tetrahydrocannbinol and cannabidiol in the treatment of brain cancer”:

“Marked Cannabis For Indicating Medical Marijuana”:

“Method and system for comunication, advertisement, commerce, marketplace, customer relationship management, content management, internet accounting and verification of information pertaining to legal marijuana over a network”:

“Transcutaneous application of marijuana”:

Biotech Institute “Breeding, production, processing and use of medical cannabis”:

Biotech Institute “Breeding, production, processing and use of specialty cannabis”:

Systems and methods for a vaporization device and product usage control and documentation:

“Cannabis-based bioactive formulations and methods for use thereof”:

“Blended cannabis and methods of making the same”:

“Extraction of pharmaceutically active cannabinoids from plant materials”:

“Cannabis oil compositions and methods for preparation thereof”:

“Decarboxylated cannabis resins, uses thereof and methods of making same”:

“Cannabis extracts and methods of preparing and using same”:

“Cannabis extracts”:

“Method for increasing cannabinol content in a lipid-based extract of cannabis”:

“Controlled Cannabis decarboxylation”:

“Cannabis-based extracts and topical formulations for use in skin disorders”:

“Methods and drug delivery devices using cannabis”:

“Reliable and robust method for the analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis”:

“Synergistic use of cannabis for treating multiple myeloma”:

“Systems and methods for producing organic cannabis tincture”:

University of Mississippi “isolation of pure cannabinoids from cannabis”:

“Cannabis-based bioactive formulations and methods for use thereof”:

Miscellaneous Supercritical Fluid Extraction Processes

“Preparation of biodegradable polyesters with low-burst properties by supercritical fluid extraction”:

“Method for manufacturing extracts with high content of antibiotcs by supercritical fluid extraction technology”:

“Egg product and production method by supercritical fluid extraction”:

“Using supercritical fluid to the manufacture of volatile anesthetic and the improvement remanufactured”:

“Pharmaceutical preparations of bioactive substances extracted from natural sources”:

“Method for processing crustaceans to produce low fluoride/low trimethyl amine products thereof”:

“Semi-aqueous method for extracting a substance”:

“Plant derived seed extract rich in essential fatty acids derived from perilla seed: composition of matter, manufacturing process and use”:

“Particles from supercritical fluid extraction of emulsion”:

“Extract obtained with supercritical fluid containing cardiac glycoside”:

“Methods and systems for large scale carbon dioxide utilization from Lake Kivu via a CO2 industrial utilization hub integrated with electric power production and optional cryo-energy storage”:

“Method for obtaining a lipid-containing composition from microbial biomass”:

“Lipid extract of mussels and method for preparation thereof”:

“Method and system for supercritical fluid extraction of metal”:

“Extracts and methods containing turmeric species”:

“Method of treating neurological conditions with cardiac glycosides”:

“Herbal solid formulation and process for preparing the same”:

“Supercritical extraction method of maca essential oil”:

“Herbal composition for reducing ADD/ADHD and method therof”:

“A method and process for controlling the temperature, pressure-and density profiles in dense fluid processes”:

“Method for purification of depolymerized polymers using supercritical fluid extraction”:

“Process for supercritical fluid extraction of oil products and other molecules of interest from solid vegetable material”:

“Extracts and methods comprising green tea species”:

“Systems and methods for extraction of natural products”:

“Method for preparing aromatic plant essential oil by using subcritical CO2 fluid extraction technology”:

Clemson University “Supercritical fluid explosion process to aid fractionation of lipids from biomass”:

“Method of isolating solanesol extract from tobacco utilizing super critical co2 fluid extraction processing”:

“Applications of CO2 supercritical fluid extraction product of centipeda minima in preparation of anti-influenza virus medicines or food”:

“Process for extracting wheat germ oil by adopting supercritical extraction method”:

“Compound glossy ganoderma spore oil and its preparing method”:

“Method for CO2 supercritical fluid extraction of schisandra kernel essential oil”:

“Method for extracting oat bran oil by using supercritical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) fluid technique”:

“A device for remediation of organic contaminated soil by using supercritical CO2 fluid and a remediation method”:

“Method of deactivating solid organic substrate contaminated with solid radioactive dispersed inorganic contaminants using densely compressed co2”:

“Supercritical fluid extraction process for tissue preparation”:

“Process for the supercritical extraction and fractionation of spices”:

“Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Animal Derived Materials”:

“Extraction of Volatile Oils by Supercritical Fluid Extraction”:

“Recent patents on the extraction of carotenoids”: