Hightech Announces the Artisan 7 Extractor


The Artisan 7 provides the extraction artist with a system they can manually control, run various temperatures and pressures and flow rates to personally create their desired results. Like all the HTE Production Series, the robust build, ASME certified components, and safety are all built in. Utilizing one 7-liter gross capacity extractor and two separators, an optional third separator can be added, the extraction artist has the facilities and control to achieve their precise extraction characteristics. Its smaller footprint will allow it to fit into almost any facility.


Artisan 7 can also be utilized as an extractor for the processor needing just the capacity of a single 7-liter extractor and fit their budget! It can also be an auxiliary extractor for the already busy operator or one that wants very specialized extraction in addition to their volume extractions.


Artisan 7 comes complete with its own chiller and heater for the water jacketed vessels achieving tight temperature control. Our unique fast closure system means no tools needed to open and close the extractor. All HTE systems utilize diaphragm pumps, best in class and quiet, with only annual service recommended. We can also offer optionally a higher flow pump, third separator with auto pressure control, Stainless Steel cabinet, Electric Hoist and rail, and Stainless Steel canisters. So, you can have the Artisan 7 customized for your needs.


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