Double Extractors for Semi-Continuous Extraction

The double extractor system gives you a great advantage: semi-continuous extraction. This kind of extraction means that the process never stops.

Semi-continuous extraction reduces downtime and bacterial contamination in the system. The CO2 flows continuously in the circuit, this Avoids Accumulation of Dirt and Bacteria. In the semi-continuous extraction process, the extraction begins with the extractor 1 and proceeds with the extractor 2. Then from the extractor 2 it proceeds to the extractor 1 and so on. It never stops until the production manager decides to clean the system.

double extractor

The semi continuous process gives many advantages:

  • The CO2 is always circulating: bacteria and dirt don’t deposit in the circuit.
  • The fast closing system reduce to 5 minutes unlading/reloading the canisters.
  • The production per day is increased of 25% if it’s compared to a single extractor system.
  • With 25% higher output per day, the return on the investment is greatly advantaged.